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Procedure: Purchase

Prices for both the versions are as follows ...:
Astro-Kundali PRO (Professional) Version: Rs. 9000 + Add Postage and Shipment charges (details given below) if shipment outside India. (Within India Free Shipment.)

Astro-Kundali PRO (Lite) Version: Rs. 6500  + Add Postage and Shipment charges (details given below) if shipment outside India. (Within India Free Shipment.)

Postage and Shipment:

Postage and Shipment charges in India : Free

Postage and Shipment charges outside India:
Please inquire about the feasibility and the charges for shipment to your country as sometimes in some of the countries the hardrware lock i.e. dongle is sadly not accepted.

Private Couriers such DTDC may be arranged if you wish and ready to pay their respective charges.
Currently all Private Couriers in India are expensive. Their charges are ranging from Rs. 4500 to 6000.

Customs Clearances for Shipments outside India:
Please note that now a days all the shipment of software packages outside India require to go through strict customs clearances at various levels. Customs duty if levied will be borne by you at your place.

Alternative Address in India:
Please note that, If you have any address of a person in India who may be visting you in near future and to whom your software can be sent will be certainly better as it can be sent without any additional postal charges.

Delivery of the Software:
The Software Package will be sent to you by Speed Post Courier Service.

Mode of Payment:

1. Regular Postal method: You need to post a demand draft / cheque of the required amount drawn in the name of Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar at the address given below on this page. (For out of India countries you need to send the equivalent amount in US Dollars or in your nation's currency.)

Please post your Cheque or DD at the following address.

My Address:
Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar,
Dr. Karekar's Surgical and Maternity Nursing Home,
Behind S.T. Workshop, Khopat, Thane (W),
Maharashtra State,
PIN CODE : 400601

2. Deposit the amount in Bank Account: You may deposit directly in my ICICI account if you have an ICICI branch at your place. If you want to use this Funds Transfer method please write to me for getting details of my ICICI Bank Account details.

After the receipt of the payment you will be sent by courier the Software Package containing the Software CD (with software and the software usage training videos) and the Dongle Key.

3. Using Western Union Money Transfer Method: This can be used for very rapid transfer of the funds. This you can use if you have "Western Union" branch available for transfer of funds to India. Here you need to go to their office and pay in your currency the equivalent amount for the software (plus some processing charges which are known to be reasonable). Then they will give you a CODE which you need to email me along with your full name and address and telephone number. Using that CODE I can get the money in cash from their office. After getting that CODE from you there is generally not much delay. Generally these transactions go quite smoothly and rapidly.

Try DEMO Before You Buy!

You can try the DEMO Software after downloading it. The Software will work on dates from year 1840 to 1940. 

However please note that this DEMO Software is for Demonstration purpose only and it will not be converted into FULL Software by any Registration Procedure (Reg Keys) Electronically. The FULL Software is different and requires use of the Dongle Key (a small computer device)  which needs to be sent to you by post along with the Full Software.

Ready for downloading Astro-Kundali PRO DEMO Software?

Please Click Below For Downloading
Astro-Kundali PRO DEMO Software

Please be free to email me if any doubts!
E-mail me : Very Good Idea!




Astro-Kundali: Vedic & KP Astrology Software & Services